• Extremely simple and quick assembly – simply push into one another – and you’re done
  • Galvanised, easy-to-clean surface
  • Just one product for almost all wall thicknesses
  • Take the direction of air flow into account
  • The cover grille can be rotated
  • Increase in cross-section by installing two adjacent grilles, doors can be fully opened to increase the cross-section

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Rapid assembly – perfect results!

Tube door for core drilling unit - ROUND




List price  
white rtwd2323w 240 cm³ 100,40   
black rtwd2323s 240 cm³ 100,40   

Firstly insert the extendible tubes and upon completion of work attach the cover grille.

CB Universal wall duct - Rectangular

The CB Universal Wall Bushing consists of two parts - an inner and an outer part. Simply insert the wall bushing into the stowed shaft. Due to the exact fit of the two parts, the wall bushing can be simply pushed into each other and thus adapts to any wall thickness. It is no longer necessary to precisely stamp, plaster or trowel the wall. The assembly time is extremely shortened. The wall duct replaces the ventilation grille installation frame. Simply push the grille into the wall duct. The wall duct is made of galvanized steel and can be painted black if required by the stove setter on the construction site. The insulation area can also be covered by the wall feed-through.

Article number

Grille size


List price  
uwd2323vz 23 x 23 21 - 36 cm 37,20   
uwd3523vz  35 x 23  21 - 36 cm 40,70   
uwd4523vz  45 x 23  21 - 36 cm 43,20   

Blacken the galvanised wall duct with Senotherm paint to minimize optical impact.

CB Support panels

CB Alu flexible tubes