The high-quality CB universal hose clamp stainless steel is manufactured in accordance with DIN standard 3017. It is suitable for pipes from 60 mm to 325 mm in diameter.

CB Universal hose clamp

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List price  
afrsk60165 60 - 165 mm 3,30   
afrsk60215 60 - 215 mm 3,90   
afrsk60325 60 - 325 mm 4,60   

The heat-resistant CB ALU ADHESIVE TAPE is ideal for sealing off air-treatment systems and for other insulation tasks. It is heat resistant up to 90 ° C and available in unreinforced and fabric reinforced version.

CB Alu adhesive tape 50 mm wide, 45 fml.

Article number


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afrkbst50 Standard 17,60   
afrkbgw50 fabric-reinforced 17,60   

Effective protection against condensate formation with a fresh air supply. CB double valve system instead of a “simple” outside air grille. 

CB Fresh air set 100 mm/125 mm, black/grey/brown

We are happy to put together for your personal needs individual fresh air sets in the desired diameter and color for sale to your customers.

  • CB Alu flexible tubes standard
  • CB Rosette with 2 hose clamps
  • CB plug-in connector for alu flexible tubes
  • CB Round outside air grille , 21 x 21cm, stainless steel with connection
  • Individually combinable starting from 10 sets
  • Prices on request
  • Labeling according to customer requirements