CB grille for active rear ventilation with rectangular outlet (width 6.5 cm). With the grille which can be supplied in 3 dimensions, the trapped heat in the stove and adjacent combustible and insulated rear walls can be ideally dissipated. For installation on the top of the tiled stove against the mounting wall, comprising the installation frame and removable grille element with rectangular outlets. Temperature-resistant, powder-coated surface.

CB Active rear ventilation grille



External dimensions
(B x H x T)


List price   
white akh33w 33 x 6,5 x 5,6 124 52,10   
akh44w 44 x 6,5 x 5,6 165 55,60   
akh55w 55 x 6,5 x 5,6 207 69,00   
black akh33s 33 x 6,5 x 5,6 124 52,30   
akh44s 44 x 6,5 x 5,6 165 55,60   
akh55s 55 x 6,5 x 5,6 207 69,00   

Active rear ventilation is mandatory in the following installation situations as per the excerpt from the technical regulations TR_OL 02/2007.

  • Insulated mounting surfaces with combustible materials.
  • Heat-insulated building walls, floors, ceilings (with a U-value_≤_0.4_W/m2K) with
    or made of combustible materials directly on (above or below) the fireplace.

Minimum necessary measures, minimum protection:

  • Brickwork with a thickness of at least 10 cm and a heat insulation layer of 10 cm of the reference insulation material and active rear ventilation
  • or: corresponding layer thickness of a replacement insulation material according to the respective official certificate of usability and active rear ventilation

Please also note the further information on active rear ventilation in the technical regulations TR_OL 02/2007.