CB Double valve system incl. accesoires and connector



Connector ø

Free cross-
section cm²

List price   
vlsdk50es 50 20 232,90   
vlsdk60es 60 28 232,90   
vlsdk67es 67 35 232,90   
vlsdk80es 80 50 232,90   
vlsdk100es 100 78 232,90   
vlsdk125es 125 124 232,90   
vlsdk150es 150 173 232,90   

Encase wall duct and stainless steel connector with blanket insulator and insulating sleeve.

Install the PVC tube with minimal incline to the outside.

Shorten PVC tube with saw to the thickness of the wall.

The PVC tube with blanket insulator fits exactly in the core drilling 180 mm.

CB Air valve handles

CB Flexible shaft

CB Alu flexible tubes

CB Universal joints