CB Plaster capsules


  • Numerous design options 
    6 different basic variants– 31 different design possibilities
  • Very high tightness 
    The incorporated ceramic fiber seal ensures high tightness


  • Good isolation
    The calcium silicate insulation board included in the scope of delivery protects the plaster cover surface from too high temperatures
  • Easy to install
    „Wall brackets“ ensure an optimum connection with the furnace shell


CB Round plaster capsules 

ø 145 mm | surface-mounted 

3 basic variants– 9  design possibilities

CB Square plaster capsules 

ø 140 x 140 mm | for plastering in 

1 variant

CB Square plaster capsules

ø 140 x 140 mm | surface-mounted 

3 basic variants– 9  design possibilities

CB Round plaster capsules
ø 140 mm | for plastering in 

1 variant

CB Square plaster capsules

ø 140 x 140 mm | flush with the plaster 

3 basic variants– 9  design possibilities

CB Square plaster capsules

ø 140x140 mm | surface-mounted

2 basic variants, without extract

Make one out of three - different designs

The scope of delivery of all plaster capsules (except variant "For plastering") includes plaster caps in white, black and stainless steel versions. Thus, by using a different colored capsule lid in the oven can be set very specific accents.