CB LED-illumination system

The ceramic light strip

  • The all-round indirect illumination is located in the shadow gap. The ceramic and LED strip are perfectly harmonised.


The ceramic light strip provides subtle, indirect illumination for the stove system.

All the components are well matched.

Fire table illumination

  • The indirect illumination below the fire table is located in the shadow gap. The ceramic and LED strip are perfectly harmonised. 
  • Colour changes at your discretion with the RGB controller. 

Indirect illumination of the fire table with the CB fire table illumination.

Simply attach the clip holder, clip in the LED lights strips and you’re done.

Cube illumination

  • Available in the following sizes:
    22x22cm, 22x32cm, 32x32cm, 32x80cm, 32x120cm

LED light modules for CB cube modules. All cube sizes can be equipped with the LED light modules.

Recess illumination

  • Several shelves are possible 
  • The shelf width is variable 
  • Shelf height 35 cm or 75 cm

Perfectly illuminated recesses can be easily created – with the CB recess illumination. 
Even illuminated shelves on top of each other can be easily created.

The options in overview

Thanks to the state-of-the-art illumination and completely harmonised system components, you can use the perfect illumination elements to transform your stove into a real visual highlight. All the illumination system components can either be used on their own or in combination. All the elements are harmonised and can be safely installed using the plug connections.