CB cube system - overview

With its numerous components, sizes, additional modules, colours and surfaces, the CB cube system offers an almost endless array of combination options. The ideal cube / cube combination can be configured for virtually every stove type and application. Cubes can be used to store wood, as recesses, as inspection openings, for illumination as an optical highlight etc.

The cube system comes in 5 different sizes:

  • 22 x 22 cm
  • 22 x 32 cm
  • 32 x 32 cm
  • 32 x 80 cm
  • 32 x 120 cm

The cube system – the components and modules

  • Cube basic module incl. 12 mm frame            white and black
  • Cube rear wall                                                            white, black and stainless steel
  • Cube rear wall for shelving                                   white and black
  • Cube shelf                                                                    white and black
  • Cube panel frame  24 mm                                     white, blacku and stainless steel
  • Cube installation box                                              galvanised– not visible
  • Cube air module                                                       white and black
  • Cube dimmable light module                             white
  • Cube non-dimmable light module                   white