CB Cube system- ADVANTAGES

  • Emphasise the features – create visual highlights
    As stove designs become increasingly straight-lined, you can use the cube system to create great visual highlights around your stove.

  • A wide range of options
     A whole range of cube versions can be created thanks to the modular design and possibility of combining the cube carcass, rear wall and thin or thicker panel frames.

  • An almost endless number of combinations 
    “A cube is rarely used on its own”; the five different cube sizes can be perfectly combined to create a stunning work of art.

  • Recesses and wood stores
    The larger cubes are mainly used as wood stores, the smaller as recesses – given the well-matched width, almost all the cubes can be perfectly combined.

  • The indestructible wood store
    Say goodbye to broken and chipped edges as is the case with plastered wood stores. No unattractive soiling.

  • Straight edges and alignment for straight-lined stoves
    With perfectly straight-lined stoves, it is all-important from a design perspective that the edges and alignments of the recesses and wood store are absolutely spot on, this is virtually impossible with plastering, yet not a problem with the cube system.

  • The invisible inspection opening
    With the installation box, all cubes can be used for inspection.

  • A whole new look, even after years
    The cubes and/or panel frame can be easily replaced after years in combination with the installation box to give the stove a complete facelift.

  • Intelligent and impressive additional modules
    Cube as an air grille, cube as a shelving system .... Not a problem thanks to the clever additional modules!